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A normal real estate photo vs our FlashTone™ shot

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What is it?

Our proprietary FlashTone™ system ensures your listings are represented by the best photography assets possible. FlashTone™ is not HDR, a process which often leads to unrealistic photos that don’t do the property justice.  Instead, we have merged the best camera equipment, lighting techniques, and post processing strategies that lead to the most realistic images possible. Every scene is different, therefore every scene get’s it’s own dedicated attention. 

Does it take longer? 

Not at all. In fact, you might find that we are quicker on-site than previous photographers you have worked with in the past.  

Do I have to pay more for FlashTone™? 

Nope! Many of our competitors nickel and dime for the essential elements that make photos look professional. Every photo Shutterfox takes gets the Flashtone™ treatment before making it’s way to your portfolio.

The quality of your photographs



Don't stress over whether or not you'll have great photos. If you aren't pleased with the outcome, we'll make it right.

Quick and personable service

We've been serving clients for a long time. We understand the necessity of a quick and comfortable shoot.

Award winning support

Have a job you need done in a hurry? Call us and we'll get you results FAST. We can shoot and process a site in as little as five hours.